Brand Favourites: KIKO

If you don't already know, Kiko is an Italian cosmetics brand which sells extremely affordable makeup and skincare products. Since travelling to Milan in August of last year and buying a lot of Kiko products, which I felt like I had to because I was in Italy! It's been hard to whittle my products down to my absolute favourites.


My first favourite product is the Water Eyeshadows, they can be used wet or dry and come in a range of beautiful and bright colours. The pay off is amazing with and without water, it also doesn't crumble down your face when put on with a watery brush like some other more expensive and inexpensive eyeshadows do. I love to use this product when I want a bright shimmery eye as the colour definitely pops, I personally never use it without water or setting spray as I love the intensity it gives with it!

I initially bought this product to test it out as an eyeshadow base, to see if it makes other eyeshadows pop and almost become a dupe for others such as the Mac Painterly Paint Pot. As you'll be able to see in the swatch below, the pigmentation of the product is unbelievable, especially when it covers the unwanted veins on your eyelid. It makes shadows so smooth and doesn't crease throughout the day, what more could a girl want.

Eyeshadow - 139

Although I cannot seem to find this anywhere to link it for you guys, this eyeshadow is definitely one i'd recommend to anyone. It is the perfect salmony pink colour that goes well with a range of skin tones and eye colours. I picked this one up from Milan for myself and as a gift for someone else and I've had nothing but positive opinions about the product since owning it, it doesn't flake, the colour is gorgeous and it adds the perfect light pop for the more casual days.

Left to Right; Eyeshadow Stick, Glossy Lipstick, Eyeshadow and Water Shadow.

I picked up this lipstick from the airport in Milan and have had so many compliments because of the unique click button packaging of the product and the stunning colour. The product unlike any other I've ever owned has a click button which you press down making the lipstick pop out, it adds a little extra something to the product making it unique and interesting. The shade lasts for a fair amount of time, maybe not as long as a liquid lipstick but as it is a glossy formula, I kinda expected that to be the case. I would 100% love to try more and I have got my eye on the shade Tea Rose, as it looks stunning!

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