Is It Worth It? Maybelline Age Rewind

So I've decided I'm going to start a series of posts called 'Is It Worth It?', where I test products and see if they're worth the hype! I'm hoping this series will be helpful for you guys as a reference before purchasing products!

The first product I thought I'd test is one that I do already own and have had about a months worth of experience with it and it is the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. After reading and watching numerous blog posts and YouTube videos on this product, I decided to buy it and test it out myself as being a student I am all for cheaper makeup products!
First things first lets talk about the shade range... unfortunately the first thing that put me off the product was the lack of shade ranges for the lighter and darker skin tones. As I'm incredibly pale I picked the shade light, thinking the product would be light enough however, it came out of the bottle a lot darker and more orange toned.

My skin is a mixture of dry and oily as I get oily around my nose, forehead and chin but dry under my eyes, which is often why I refuse to bake as it creases badly under my eyes. So when shopping for concealers, I always try to find something that gives enough coverage to cover the bags but not crease at all underneath and definitely not stick to my drier patches. However, this concealer for me personally seems to stick in all the wrong places! The coverage is amazing but seems to crease and slide all over the place when I apply it.

In conclusion, after reading reviews on a range of platforms the concealer seems to work on the majority of people but if you have drier patches under your eyes, struggle to find concealers that work for that or have pale skin like me, you might have to give this product a pass as I personally don't think its worth the risk!


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