Monday, 8 October 2018

Gap x Happy Hippie.

Within this project, I was set the task of creating a collaboration for the fashion brand Gap. 

The collaboration had to have similar beliefs and links within the way they run their business, with this in mind I chose to put the brand with Happy Hippie as they both believe in anti-bullying and racial, sexual and social equality. 

Happy Hippie is an American based non-profit organisation which focuses on helping a range of young people from homeless to LGBT

The project gave the task of designing a line of clothing, an event and social media accounts for the collaboration, this is in order to promote both brands to a wider audience, increasing awareness of the organisation and promoting sales for Gap.

Trend Forecasting

Within this project, we were set two tasks, the first being a group collaborative project with Interior Design.

We were asked to come up with a design concept for an experiential store of the future for design company Campaign.

They set the task of solving a consumer issue whilst being able to encourage sales.

From this I then had to create an individual forecasting book in which I looked into future trends and the ways in which this would impact the retail sector.

Reclamation - Capsule Collection

This project was a collaboration between Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design.

As a group we had to curate our own capsule collection, each outfit holding 5 different pieces relating to any type of fashion we liked.

As we study within Cornwall, we felt it was important to look at heritage therefore linking our collection to mining, as it is a large part of Cornwalls history.

Therefore our collection was aimed towards the every day working individual who wanted to look fashionable yet remain practical.

Marie Claire Magazine Article

Within this project, I was asked to research into a magazine of my choice and create a double page spread based upon my findings during London Fashion week.

As I had to work with the existing consumer base and the designs, I had to ensure the article would fit with the theme of the brand and is something the target consumer would want to read.

For this I chose to look at Marie Claire and create an article on the beacon technology within mannequins and how this could affect the retail industry.