2nd Year Update & Uni Room Tour

So, I'm finally back, its been over two months since my last blog post and I have a little explanation. When moving into our new home we had a few struggles with the internet and weren't able to get it until 3 weeks after move in, which made it hard to write any blog posts or in fact do much of anything at all as we all ran out of data very quickly. After that jumping into 2nd year has been crazy, our first assignment just ended and another has just begun and I must admit it's going scarily too fast.

Finally here is the much awaited room tour that I promised all those months ago!

Where to start.. Well, in September I moved down to our lovely little house in Falmouth to start my second year at University and I still can't quite believe I'm already in my second year and only have another University year left before I graduate, oh how time flies. I'm currently living with 3 other girls who all study Fashion and Textile degrees.

As you may be able to tell, I've kept my room very minimal colours with a large majority of it being white, with small bits of pink and grey. 

One of my favourite features about my room is the clothing rack, as I feel it gives my room a little bit of personality and allows me to hang some of my favourite and most worn bits on, making them readily available. Above this I've got a pile of magazines, which is always needed on my course for sketchbooks and mood boards, some scarves, a board full of family images and some work from my most recent assignment which I have kept up as I just love the way it looks.

My dressing table is quite easy to explain as it holds all my makeup, skincare and hair products so I'm able to pick and find everything easily in those early morning uni rushes.

I have two sets of bedding, a full white set and the set you can see above, which is the same as I had in my University room last year. My shelving contains random bits and bobs, from pieces that are actually useful and things I just thought looked pretty, which is a very typical girl way of thinking.

A bit of a short blog post after being gone for so long but I do have a load of ideas that I want to share with you guys, they just might be every so often due to my mass of University work. However, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and stay tuned for more.

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